The 5 most recommended learning aids for cyber-security learners

InfoSec Institute is a training establishment that has grown over time and has continued to provide outstanding training courses for learners. Their approach is hands-on, giving students the opportunity to experience a would be situation in real life. InfoSec institute is founded from a technological background and therefore understands the need for current IT experts only too well and as such are the ideal institute to provide excellent courses, some of which are highlighted below.

An outline of IT security and computer forensics

This is an introduction course that addressed security in IT and takes a deeper look into computer forensics. Some of the areas covered from forensics are:

  • Being anonymous on the internet Unit
  • Forensics with DFF
  • Imaging of Forensics Unit
  • Recovering Forensics
  • Forensics with Postmortem
  • Analyzing Networks
  • Anti-Forensics with USB Rubber Ducky
  • Android for Hacking
  • Armitage 101
  • Analyzation of Unstable Memory
  • Analyzing Networks

A short course on Security+

This training is ideal for student s getting ready for CompTIA Security+ assessment. The thorough understanding you have of the various types of questions, the more you are setting yourself up for success. The brief tutorial video is aimed at helping you get ready for the questions that you will be required to respond to that are performance-based. In this video, you will find examples of questions based on performance as well as ways in which you can respond to them.

Canvas Network

Millions of workforce users, Higher Ed and K-12 throughout the world benefit from this training management system that has continued to make tutoring and learning stress-free. This set up is accessible, flexible, consistent built-in technologies that allow learning in any environment. Students just starting off in the cyber-security training can gain a lot from the below training offered by Canvas Network

Cybersecurity summary

In this course, you get to learn more about the ever changing world of cyber-security with an overview of principles and laws of cyber security. The most usual cyber-attacks and the tactics for detecting are some of the things that the students will learn as well as ways of protecting against the risk of being attacked. Other areas that are covered include security for an individual, hardware, network, wireless connections and internet. An additional brief introduction of a more technical lesson on cyber-security is taught.


This is an initiative of Lex code Regulatory Compliance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Protected by the Government of India, under Science & Technology Park sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology). These are free online courses that are very brief and are ideal for individuals with busy schedules. In the course, you will find an optional research assignment and the training materials are put together by an expert on the subject. Beginners can select from the two courses highlighted below, offered by LEAP.

Cyber Security 101

Topics covered in this beginner’s course include:

  • Structures for developing key cyber-security networks
  • Safeguarding Local Area Networks that are wireless
  • Encrypting emails
  • Detecting invasion and deterrence strategies

Cyber-security 201

Topics covered in this second course include electronic verification, use of whitelisting, securing Bluetooth connections, media filtering, patch control, safe use of DNS, safety of communication and automatic rights control by use of SSH etc.

These learning materials are available online free of charge and provides a god ground for you to know which areas you need to advance in for more information and technical knowhow.

There are also plenty of more sites online that you can research on to have more training, either at a fee or free of charge.


Commercial Security Systems in summary

How advanced do you need a security system to be?

Get to know which companies are developing this type of devices. You will pay lower insurance premiums if you have a security system in your business. Your members of staff will also be assured of their safety at the work place and you get to be at ease regarding security of your business.

A simple DIY security kit appropriate for small or medium commercial establishments. A bigger company will however need a much more complex security system because their functions are more, with more employees and a large space. In most cases, these systems are installed by experts and are routinely monitored and controlled.

Included in the commercial security kit is regulation of entry into your business, surveillance cameras, temperature sensors, general air condition control and perform functions like operating lights switches.

Notifications and supervision

The equipment that run these operations depends on how many sensors are needed to manage the control panel. If the kit you have chosen cannot support the detectors in your premises, then you will be required to upgrade to a larger kit, a more expensive kit, use several small kits together or consider having only the most crucial detectors for securing your commercial property.

There are several big multinational organization and small and medium size establishments that authorized dealers and retailers trading for a particular manufacturer or multiple manufacturers. These retailers have relevant training on installation and upkeep of the products they are selling from the manufacturer. The client is also assured of expert services from these traders.
Top rated developers of commercial security alarms software and equipment

Smartphone compatible

Security alarm companies have made it possible to have your security system linked to your smartphones, tablets or laptops such that you can receive alerts once the system is activated and you can also manage the functions of the system from a remote location as long as there is reliable internet connection.

Clear image resolution

Cameras in the past few years were recording images that were blurry and very difficult to identify. The images being captured by today’s cameras are so clear due to the high megapixel technology and the video records are now admissible in court.


The system is able to send you video alerts incase the alarm is triggered by an incident. This way you and the security system service providers are in a position to assess the urgency and genuineness of the emergency and respond appropriately.

Points to consider when buying a commercial security system

  • Top management and other main employees should be trained on how to operate the system and must always be updated on any changes made to the system.
  • It is prudent to have a system with either wireless connection or a mobile back up in case of fixed line malfunctioning.
  • Proper maintenance and upkeep will not only save you money in repair or replacement but will ensure efficiency of your security system.

Fundamental operation of common home and commercial security systems

A security system can be defined as way of keeping your property safe by using a combination of devices that are interlinked.

The general function of all home alarm systems is to keep access points to your house safe, be it doors or windows and the interior of your house. The principle remains the same despite how big or small your house is and how many access points there are. What sets the systems apart is the number of devices you install around your house.

A security system in comprised of several gadgets that as networked to work as one unit. These gadgets include door and window sensors which are meant to notify you of any activities on these points, a control panel which basically is the manager of the entire system. It activates or deactivates the alarm, communicates with other devices in the network as well as the alarm company.

Motion sensors are the other components in the alarm system. Their function is to keep a specified radius safe and if this radius is invaded, the alarm system goes off. Cameras also make up the components of the security system. They can either be wired or wireless. Their principle role is to record every activity and incident within your premises. They are usually installed at entry points and other areas like the garage, reception area in the work place or the warehouse in a manufacturing company etc.

A complete alarm system must have a siren. This loud pitched gadget is meant to alert you if the system is compromised and also alert your neighbours of a possible intrusion in your house. It also scares off the intruder sending them running for safety. Stickers and signs can be put on your front porch and your windows.

This is just a way of informing potential thugs that your home has professionals guarding it, even though they are not there physically.

In case of a break in

Depending on the kind of system installed in your house, the alarm will do either of the following.

Security system manned by experts

This team of experts is notified by your system of possible danger in your home. They will either confirm with you through the control panel or by calling the contacts provided as your emergency numbers. Once they confirm its real danger, they will send necessary response team to handle the crisis.
These systems also provide for alerts and notifications sent to you through text messages or emails when the alarm is activated.

Unmonitored alarm systems

Most of these systems are basic DIY kits. In case of intrusion, the siren blares alerting you of potential danger. It is up to you to confirm the reality on the ground and subsequently contact relevant response teams.

There are some unmonitored security systems that will notify you of an intrusion via text or email, but most of them do not.

Advantages of a security system

Thugs will in most cases choose an easy target for break in. If you have a home security system and have made it known by yard signs and window stickers, you are keeping intruders off your property

Monitoring your home system is also another advantage, especially if you have the advanced system. This allows you to control and manage functions of the system through your internet enabled smartphone, even when you are not in the house.

Insurance rates discounts are another advantage for homes with a security system.

Definition of Commercial Security

Commercial Security can be defined as the approach and structures used by a business or commercial property to guard itself against risks such as intrusion, fire or vandalism. High-tech locks, burglar proof frames for windows and doors, security guards, computer security software, video surveillance and alarm systems are some of the popular methods of security.

Protecting all entry points such as windows and doors by adding burglar proof iron frames around them is possibly the simplest and cheapest tactic of keeping off thieves from entering your business property. You can have locks fixed on storage spaces such as drawers & desks, windows & doors, automobiles so that valuable assets are not exposed to potential thieves.

These locks can function independently or in combination with iron rods that function with either a key, a deadbolt that uses a combination code or a remotely controlled electric lock.

Alarm systems are also a very popular method of securing your commercial property. You can opt for either basic doors and windows alarm system or a more comprehensive one that is electronic and can be accessed from a remote location. The main purpose of the alarm is to alert the business owner or law enforcement agents of an intrusion or other emergencies by having the siren component of the system go off upon being activated by an incident.

With the latest advancements in technology, cybercrimes has been on the rise and more and more businesses are at risk of this types of crime and it is for this reason that commercial security software are being developed to try and combat this menace. Cybercrimes can be described as stealing of data and information from computers and servers for malicious use.

The software for computer security include protection from viruses that are spread through the internet, firewalls , encrypting emails so that the cyber thieves are not able to access any data sent through the net. What transpires in the servers 24/7 is also monitored through computer security systems.

Video surveillance system is also another method of ensuring your business property is protected. One of the biggest advantages for this method of security is that all activities within your commercial property will be filmed and stored and you can always view the images at a later time. The recorded images can also be used as evidence in court in case of an already committed crime. It also reduces in house theft and fraudulent activities by employees once they know that they will be caught live on camera committing an offence.

Online security guards are another option for some business to ensure that their assets, members of staff and their clients are well protected. You can choose to have independent guards work for you or have a commercial security agency provide you with theirs. These guards, either independent or from the commercial agency work on a 24/7 rotational shifts and based on how much protection your business requires, you can have either armed guards or unarmed guards.

How are employees concerned with business security threats?

Questions are being raised regarding the measures organizations are putting in place to prevent loss of business assets and information as is being reported in newspapers and social media every day. The online community is also facing serious threats from cybercriminals who have come up with new ways of compromising cyber security.

This should be a wakeup call for organizations to improve the means by which valuable assets and critical information is secured.

Most company security breaches are due to lack of proper training and understanding of commercial security by employees and top management. Before taking any preventive measures, business owners need to know how the cybercriminals are accessing their systems in the first place. Intel finding recently reported that a large per cent of information loss in many UK based companies was through employees. This is seen as the weakest point of entry for possible commercial cyberattacks.

Phishing scams are one way cybercriminals are using to access vital information from your company. They will send you emails purporting to be genuine service providers in need of certain information send text messages or even call your office. As soon as they have gained access to your company network, they are liberty to take and use whatever available information within your system. Phishing is preferred by hackers since the process is quite fast. It takes less than two minutes to trap an ordinary employee.

Regardless of the means through which your computer network was hacked, a phishing scam, a mistake by your employee or a planned betrayal, large and medium size organization should consider training their staff on commercial security. The members of staff will learn more on threats and possible company losses associated to cybercrimes. They will also be enlightened on phishing emails and their effects on the company’s cyber network. When a staff member is being targeted by hackers, they should inform the IT team immediately so that they can reinforce the security measures. Only a trained employee will understand the risk that security breach poses to the business.

The phishing scams have been advanced so much that even a computer expert may not be able to easily detect it. Educating and training your staff is one way of handling this threat. The other option is to put in control measures within your network so that you can monitor movement of business information. Once you have control over this, then you are in a position to prevent loss of crucial information from your company.

The digital revolution is seeing more and more employees choosing to work in a different location other than the office. This means that information will have to be sent back and forth, and in some cases the employees will need to access certain files in the company network. An organization needs to be very careful on who can access the system and also put measures in place to monitor activities even with the authorized administrators. You can also consider turning off access to cyber networks when an employee is not within the premises.

Access verification should be done on multi-level option so that it is easy to view cloud storage systems on a step by step basis and detect any potential phishing cracks and take necessary action to prevent a full blown attack.

Monitored or unmonitored security systems. What is the difference?

Monitored security system option

This system has professionals from your security provider monitoring it through out. When the alarm senses any kind of emergency such as intrusion or fire, a signal is conveyed to the security agents or emergency response team.

The convenience of monitoring

The major advantage of a monitored system is you do not have to cancel travel plans. You will be at ease knowing that even in your absence, there are professionals monitoring your home for you. Another benefit is for the monitored option is that the security company will install the system at your house. Your confidence in the installation and operation of the system is boosted when professionals do the work.

Monitored system is all-inclusive.

A monitored system contract comes complete with the security equipment and apparatus. It is also more detailed and has in depth features compared to the DIY kit available in the market. Some companies even have home automation services as part of the deal, where by you can have your lights control, electric locks etc. easily controlled.

The only major downside for the monitored alarm option is the initial cost of installing as well as the monitoring fees that come along with the service. Usually, the cost is tailor-made for each client depending on their individual contract and most plans are reasonably priced. However, it does not compare to the unmonitored system that has no monthly charges.

Unmonitored security alarms

You can choose to have a professional install the equipment for an unmonitored security system, or you can do it yourself using the instructional manual that comes with the kit. The most basic things in an unmonitored kit include a control panel, motion detectors, sensors for the windows and doors, sensors for glass breaking, sirens and smoke sensors. There are some systems that are compatible with smartphones and this allows you to monitor your home from a remote location.

Unmonitored has minimal cost

The biggest advantage for this option is the cost. You may incur some installation cost especially if you engage a professional to do it for you but the cost is still so much less than the monitored option since the major cost in this option is the monthly monitoring fee and not in the kit itself.

You will save more money if you choose to install the system using the manual guide and you will also get to do it at your own convenient time as opposed to scheduling your plans around the availability of a professional.

The biggest disadvantage is the limitation of convenience with the unmonitored option. Much as you may get the security system that is compatible with a smartphone, there are various instances where the alarm going off and sending you a notification is rendered not useful, like when you are flying, when you have poor phone network reception or if your phone runs out of battery.


Both monitored and unmonitored security options have a target market in that, those that are shopping for peace of mind and convenience without cost as a major issue, then the monitored security system option works best for them. If you are not bothered by the additional responsibilities of monitoring the system and you are keen on saving some cash, then shopping in the unmonitored security section is best for you.

Purchasing the finest smart home security alarm

Home security devices have not been left behind with the “all thing smart technology” and the smart home security alarms are being designed such that the basic features of a standard burglar alarm system are being incorporated with features that allow you to monitor, control and communicate with your home via a smart device, either phone or tablet.

What exactly is a smart home security system?

The smart home security system is an internet based device and is a combination of various items in the system such as security cameras that are wireless, sirens, sensor that detect motion and doors and window sensors that are activated when the door or window is opened. Different manufactures have varying items in the security kit and there is the option of purchasing extra well-suited devices independently. With this type of alarm system you can get electronic notifications on your mobile phone, view images and videos recorded by the cameras and in some cases you can operate some of devices in the house from your phone, like turning on the AC, lights etc.

What is the cost of installing a smart home security system?

With as little as £190, you can buy a smart home security kit. This cost is however ideal for someone living in a small house as it only covers a small area. You will spend £500-600 for a smart security system that will be installed in a two bedroom house. the actual and final cost whether for a small or big house will entirely be based on the additional items such as cameras, sensors etc., you buy for your security kit.

What comprises a decent smart security kit?

A system that can prevent a break in is far much a better option. Many intruders get discouraged by the sight of surveillance cameras or loud noise from sirens and will be hesitant to break in. Similarly, a system that can notify you through your mobile phone of a possible intrusion is ideal. Ensure that the system can be supported by the internet connection in your house so that no data is lost in case of poor network connection. Also, an alarm with a power back up is an excellent choice. This is to avoid disruption of filming images within your home. Simple AA batteries would work but some come with a special back up power source.


How easy is it to link up your smartphone to your smart alarm home kit? Apple and Android support most systems but there are challenges with Windows. Ensure that your smart system can work together with all the other gadgets by different manufacturers. Some companies will use systems that have copyrights while others will use open systems. An open system is ideal since you can use devices made by different companies.

How much more safer is your home with a smart home security system?

Even with a smart home alarm, your home may not be 100% free of possible theft. However, this should not keep you from improving your security and this you can do by having additional sensors and detectors installed at every entry point in your home like doors and windows. It is better to be safe than sorry and these measures will keep away potential intruders.


Most of the smart home security kits have manual guide for a quick DIY fix. However, it is advisable to have a professional do the installation for you so that they can address not just the mounting bit but the technical bit as well.

Going on Holiday? Secure your home

Leaving your house with complete inactivity exposes it to possible break-ins when you go away on holiday.

Leave your lawns and hedges well-trimmed and if you are going for a longer period, you can get someone to periodically work on the exterior of your home.

Motion sensors are an ideal option for ensuring security for your house when you are not in. a great way of using this sensors is linking them with indoor and outdoor lights such that if there is movement within a certain radius, then the lights go on. However, it is not advisable to leave your lights n round the clock as this is a complete give away.

Depending on the relationship you have with your neighbours, you can request your neighbor to park their car in your drive way and more so if you are away during winter. This is because when snow falls in the night and covers your entire drive way, then an intruder will know there’s no one around.

Similarly during winter, you can make arrangement to have someone shovel and clear your driveway and the exterior of your home. You can request your neighbor, a relative or hire someone to do it.

Not everyone is taking a vacation the same time as you. Your trusted friend, neighbor or relative can stop by your house every so often. While there, they can collect your mail, open curtains and windows just to make it look like someone is actually at home. There are some instances where the police provide “vacation checks” and you can take advantage of this service.

There is the option of installing a security system in your house. You can choose an alarm security system that has the monitoring feature so that you are able to access images recorded through your mobile phone.

Make sure everything is locked. Some people do not routinely lock doors when they are around and may therefore forget to do so when they are leaving for a holiday. Before getting into your car, confirm that the front door, back door, garage door and all windows are properly locked. An additional measure is to ensure that your doors and windows are not a soft target for break-ins. A burglar proof door will deter and potential intruder since it will require more time and energy to break.

Safely keep away your valuables. It can be very tempting even for petty thieves to break in when they see a very expensive jewelry lying on your bed or table. Your laptop on the kitchen counter could also encourage a robber to break in. To avoid all these temptations, ensure that all your valuables are not visible through the window. A safe deposit box is also another excellent choice to store your valuables.

In most cases, the spare key is kept under the mat at the front door, under a rock in the garden or in a flower pot in the front porch. While taking a vacation that will be more than two days, these are all not safe places to leave your spare key. Your best bet is to leave it with the person or people who will be doing the periodic visits while you are away.

Engaging a house sitter is also another option for ensuring your home is protected while you’re on vacation. This however only works if the particular house sitter is honest and can be trusted. Have the sitters referred by friends or relatives and begin interviewing them early enough so that you are thorough with the search.

Ensuring your security as a tenant

Being a tenant can pose some disadvantages in that you are counting on your landlord to install security measures in the house you are considering moving into. Luckily, there are options that you can consider as a tenant to increase your security.

Ensure you are familiar with your neighborhood

It maybe a little too late if you have already relocated into your new location, but for any future relocations, farmiliarise yourself with the place you are looking into moving. One way of vetting the new community you will be living in is conducting a research on the safety status of the area, how does the law-breaking indicator look like. In some towns the local police department will give you reliable information on the safety and security of your new neighborhood.

If the new neighborhood is within your access for a pre visit, it is recommended that you stop by and walk around the area. While on your tour, look out for indicators like well-kept lawns, walls covered with unkind writings and drawings that are not fine art, are indicators that the community may not be security conscious. Talk to your immediate neighbors, stewards at the local restaurant to get a general perspective of security in the area. Have a chat with your landlord as well regarding the security of the area.

Ensure that your landlord is accessible on phone for any urgent security issue. Also, what is your gut telling you. The sixth sense is usually a reliable way of assessing a situation. While at it, also make an obersavtion of the traffic at different times of the day and also see how the area is after dark.

Secure all entry points to your house. If there are no deadbolt locks and your landlord is not willing to put up one, please check with him if you can install one for yourself. You can use alarms on your windows such as the Doberman alarm which goes off from heavy banging. Also, make sure that there are no tall and bushy plants along the path leading to your door and around the windows.

Install an alarm system suitable for apartments

With the wireless security systems readily available in the market, it is possible to get an alarm system specifically for your apartment. Some alarm companies even have simple devices that are designed for tenants that you can install and take with you when you move. Examples of these reliable options are Doberman alarm for the windows or the door stop alarms.

Take up tenants insurance

Some insurance companies calculate premium rates depending on how safe the area is and charge higher premiums for a high risk area and less premiums for a safer zone. Ask your insurance provider for an estimate of insurance for your car based on the area you are moving to as this will help you know the safety level of the area.

Consider signing up for tenants insurance. Most of these plans cover break-ins, damage caused by water,fire etc. some plans cater for liabilities for casualties by visitors in your house. included in the cover plan is vandalism in your car, provided it is parked in your premises. This is not a security measure per se, but you are assured that your assets and belongings are covered.

The journey of home security

In the past a simple control panel and high-tech door locks were seen as a high security measure in most homes. Now, sophisticated devices dominate the security arena and they keep evolving and advancing each waking moment.
However, the tech security systems we are enjoying in the present day was an idea that was conceived a long time ago and thanks to the evolving technology, we have been able to move it from a simple idea to an actual reality.

Looking back to the conception of the simple home security idea

The original concept

Crime was at its peak by the end of World War 1. This led to many Americans become apprehensive on security matters and they were determined to get a solution of protection. Insurance companies also started to give enticing rates for those with alarm system. This led to an upsurge in demand for alarm services.

The door shakers approach was common around this time, where night watchmen would go round homes ensuring that your doors are locked. The advanced option in the day was an alarm that was linked to the doors and windows and connected to a control panel and would go off in case of any trigger.

In the present day, you only need an internet enabled gadget and you log in some code and just like that the door is locked.

Evolution of video surveillance

Video surveillance for home security was first used in the 1970s even though it was conceptualized in the 1940s.The initial video was a mechanical camera that viewed outside your home through four peep holes attached on the main entrance. Images were conveyed to a monitor and had a separate control point away from the monitor and camera. Features in this system included an intercom, a switch to lock the doors and an alarm switch for triggering the siren at the central point of monitoring.

The present day video camera is as small as one square inch. It is linked to the internet and has very strong lenses that can film and transmit very clear images that can be remotely accessed from practically anywhere in the world.

Some are so advanced that you can set your system to send alerts to your smartphone as soon as they are triggered.

Hot debate on Fire alarms

The fire alarms evolution system was not left behind with technological evolution. There was a report published in 1962 by Canadian scientists about how critical the heat and smoke sensors are. 342 deaths related to fire incidences in Ontario between 1956-1960 and drew a conclusion that this number of fatalities could have been much lower by 8% if the affected homes had smoke and heat detectors installed. This led to policies being developed and implemented of having these sensors installed in current and upcoming residences. Fatalities in the US reduced by 50% between 1975-1998.

The present day smoke detectors use both photoelectric and ionization technology simultaneously and they can notify you of a potential fire in a different room within the house. A more advanced system links the smoke sensors to the internet and you are in a position to see what is happening and check the battery for the sensors through an internet enabled gadget. Just by waving your hand at it, you can silence a smoke detector and talk to you robotically informing you exactly where the fire is.

The technology is evolving each and every day and one is left to wonder how sophisticated the systems will be in the next century!